jquery interview questions

I thought of sharing few most common jquery questions you might face during Interviews

What is Jquery?
Why Jquery?
Which version of Jquery you use?
Can we use multiple version of jquery in a same html page?
what is $conflict in jquery?
How to resolve conflict while using 2 or more JavaScript libraries?
What is DOM? How do you parse it?
What is document.ready?
What is the difference between $(window).load and $(document).ready()?
What is factory function in jquery?
What is chaining in Jquery?
what is anonymous function?
what is difference between bind(),live() and delegate()?
little bit about jquery selectors and jquery dom parsing?
how to make a ajax call in jquery?
what is json?


Hope this list is helpful. Its not the final list. I will be updating it as and when I find time.





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