How to Arrange and Reorder WordPress Pages | order pages in wordpress

I struggled a lot to find a way to arrange the pages, by default it is arranged alphabetically
Consider a menu like


and you need to arrange this to (HOME,CMenu1,AMenu1). all you need to do is

1. In wordpress admin click on pages and then on all pages
2. hover on title of each pages and click on quick edit
3. You can change the order of posts as you like by numbering them. Remember that because all Pages are set to 0 by default, unless you change their order number, those pages will retain their top positions.
4.By default, all Pages are set at the “highest” level of 0. (Or the “lowest” level if you like. The lower numbers appear first.) Because all Pages are set to 0, the order is determined alphabetically.
5. Change the order number below parent drop down
6. Set Home ( Order=1) CMenu( order=2) Amenu1(Order=3)

Thats all you need to do. Hope this is helpful


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