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Below are the list of questions which you quite often come across when you attend any UI interview. I thought this post would be really helpful for the folks. Below questions vary from beginner level to advance level.

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HTML interview questions

  1. What is Doctype?

  2. What if I don’t provide any Doctype?

  3. What is quirks mode?

  4. What are different Doctype you have come across?

  5. Difference between strict and transitional doctype?

  6. Difference between XHTML and HTML?

  7. What are some things you need to keep in mind while creating HTML pages?

  8. What are different kinds of layouts you create?

  9. What are fluid layouts?

  10. What is responsive web page?

  11. What are self closing tags? Ex?

  12. What IDE or WYSIWYG editor you use for creating html pages?

  13. What is the format for commenting in a HTML document?

  14. How to link 2 pages in HTML?

  15. How to make images clickable?

  16. What is HTML5?

  17. What are the new tags in HTML5?

  18. Difference between HTML4 and HTML5?

  19. What is the difference between Input type submit and input type button?

  20. What is the difference between GET and POST methods?

  21. How to disable a HTML element?

  22. What are deprecated HTML elements?

  23. What is default behaviour of anchor and how do you prevent it?

  24. How do you validate your HTML pages?

  25. What are inline and block level elements in HTML?

  26. What is Tableless layout?

  27. Why should be use DIV based layouts?

HTML5 interview questions


  1. What is HTML5?

  2. What doctype we use in html5? Is it important to use it?

  3. How many new mark-up elements been added in HTML5?

  4. What are the New Media Elements in HTML5?

  5. How to add video and audio in HTML5?

  6. What is Canvas? How to create it?

  7. What is the use of local-storage in HTML5?


Jquery Interview Questions

1. What is Jquery ?
2. So will jquery replace javascript ?
3. What is CDN (Content delivery network)?
4. How can we reference local Jquery files if CDN fails?
5. What is the difference between Jquery.js and Jquery.min.js file?
6. Why to use Jquery.min file?
7. What is the use of Document.ready in Jquery ?
8. Can we have two document.ready in a webpage?
9. Explain event object?
10. What are the difference between document ready and onload()
11. Name some basic filters in Jquery
12. Difference between remove() and empty()
13. how to check if the element is empty or not
14. How to do you debug javascript?
15. What is event bubbling in Javascript?
16. What does event.preventDefault() do?
17. What does event.stopPropagation will do?
18. How to fetch a attribute in jquery?
19. difference between live() and on()
20. Name some Ajax methods in Jquery?
21. Have you used Jquery animation? How to make one?
22. Name some effects you have used in Jquery?
23. Name some DOM manipulation methods you have used in Jquery?
24. Name some traversing methods in Jquery?
25. Explain event object and its properties in detail
26. Difference between $.each and .each()
27. How to create an element in jquery?
28. How to hide all paragraph except second one?
29. How do you stop the currently-running animation?
30.  How to disable jQuery animation?
31. How to create clone of an object in jquery()
32. What is the difference between event.PreventDefault and “return false”?
33. What is the difference between event.stopPropagation and event.stopImmediatePropagation?
34. what does typeof() will do?
35. What is chaining in jquery?
36. How to enhance performance while using jquery?
37. Name some of the best practices in jquery?
38. How does caching helps and how to use caching in jQuery?
39. You get “jquery is not defined” or “$ is not defined” error. What could be the reason?
40. How to write browser specific code using jQuery?
41. diff b/w $.get, $.post() and $.ajax()?
42. Which is the latest version of jquery?
43. Is it possible to have multiple Jquery properties in a single statement?
44. Difference bewteen json and jsonp?
45. what is jqueryUI?

General UI/web developer questions?


  1. What are your roles and responsibilities in a project?

  2. What is wireframes?

  3. What is style-guide?

  4. Explain development life cycle for any web developer?

  5. What repository do you use?

  6. Are you aware of xamp or wamp servers?

  7. Which browsers you use for development?

  8. Do you use add-ons? Ex?

  9. What is your favourite Add-on?

  10. How good you are in Photoshop?

  11. What is firebug and how it helps in development?

  12. What are the performance measurement tools you use?

  13. Are you aware of fiddler?

  14. What is yslow?

  15. What is minification and bundling?

  16. How do you keep updating yourself?

  17. How do you fix cross browser issues?

  18. Have you worked with IE6?

  19. What are the most issues you face with IE?



  1. What is CSS?
  2. How many ways you can include CSS in your HTML page?

  3. What are inline and block level elements?

  4. How to make inline element work like a block level element?

  5. Give some examples for inline and block level elements?

  6. Is it valid to have block-level element within inline element?

  7. What is CSS specificity?

  8. What is Reset CSS?

  9. What is difference between em and px?

  10. What are web safe fonts?

  11. ID v/s Class in CSS?

  12. What is !important in CSS?

  13. Do we need to use hacks in CSS?

  14. What is conditional CSS?

  15. How to target IE6 browser?

  16. What are filters? Why not use it?

  17. What is overflow in CSS?

  18. What is position by default in CSS?

  19. What is Box-Model? How to fix it?

  20. What is difference b/w position:relative and position:absolute?

  21. What is z-index?

  22. What is z-index issue with IE?

  23. What are CSS sprites?

  24. What are CSS short-hands?

  25. How do you position a background in CSS?

  26. Have you used any CSS framework? Name some.

  27. What are web-safe fonts?

  28. How to use custom fonts in CSS?

  29. What is @import in CSS?

  30. Whatis @font-face in CSS?

  31. Why one should avoid inline styles?

  32. What are embedded styles?

  33. What is CSS themeing?

  34. What is Zoom in CSS?

  35. What is font shorthand?

  36. Why one should use CSS sprites?

  37. What are the best practices of writing CSS?

  38. What is SASS?

  39. What is LESS?

  40. What is float in CSS?

  41. What is difference between float and inline?

  42. What is difference between display:none and visibility hidden?

  43. what is :after and :before in CSS?

  44. What are pseudo classes in CSS?


Jquery & Javascript


  1. What is Jquery?
  2. Why someone has to use Jquery?

  3. What are the other libraries have you used?

  4. What version of Jquery do you use?

  5. Are you familiar with Jquery UI?

  6. What is $document.ready()?

  7. What is difference between DOM ready and onLOAD?

  8. Name some filters in Jquery?

  9. What is anonymous function?

  10. What is MVC in Javascript?

  11. What are closures in Javascript?

  12. What is namespacing? Why we need?

  13. Define Javascript patterns?

  14. What patterns do you use?

  15. What is singleton?

  16. How to create a class in javascript?

  17. What is JSON?

  18. What is Ajax?

  19. What are the different states in Ajax?

  20. How to defect the browser using javascript?

  21. How to defect device using javascript?

  22. Difference between live(), delegate(), bind() in Jquery?

  23. How to include CDN for Jquery?

  24. Name some methods in Jquery?

  25. How can you select all the elements in a page using Jquery?

  26. Why to load CDN version of Jquery?

  27. How to load local Jquery copy if CDN fails?

  28. What is minified version of Jquery?

  29. What is aliasing in Jquery?

  30. How to debug Jquery?

  31. What is Jquery.noconflict?

  32. Can we use 2 different Javascript libraries in our HTML page?

  33. difference b/w .remove() and .empty()?

  34. how to check if element is empty?

  35. How to check element exist or not?

  36. What is undefined or null in Javascript?

  37. What are different methods in string manipulations?


Advanced questions?


  1. How do enhance the performance of the site?

  2. Tools used for enhancing performance?

  3. What is Yslow?

  4. What is minification and bundling of files?

  5. How to optimize Images?

  6. What is Gzipping?

  7. What is accessibility?

  8. What is section 508?

  9. What is the color contrast needs to maintain for accessibility?

  10. How do you make your form web accessible?

  11. What is Jquery templating?

  12. Have you used underscore.js or handlebar.js?

  13. Are you familiar with backbone.js?

  14. Have you worked on snecha touch or Jquery mobile?

Hope this list is more than useful for your interview preparation. If you guys want to increase your CTC by increasing your skill-set, then do reach out to me on sureshjain17@gmail.com



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