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Below are the list of css3 interview questions we usually come across in any interview

1. Have you worked on CSS3?
2. How do you rate yourself in CSS3?
3. What are the features you have used in CSS3?
4. Does CSS3 works in all browser?
5. How do you make CSS3 work in all browser?
6. Name any 5 difference between css2 and css3?
7. How to make border radius work in IE?
8. How to make box-shadow work in IE?
9. How to have gradients using CSS3?
10. what is box-model? How CSS3 has solved it ?
11. what is css3 background-size property?
12. what is word-wrap in css3?
13. Different methods to have colors in css3?
14. what is RGB vs RGBA vs HSL vs HSLA?
15. what are psuedo selectors ? Name 10 of them?

I hope this list would be very helpful. I will keep updating this post with more new interview questions :)


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