read json or parse multidimensional json array jquery

This article demonstrate how to read multidimensional json array using jquery. Below example has a show button and we are firing an event on click of button onclick=”show()” and display JSON data on to the table


read or parse multi dimensional array jquery

jQuery - Parse JSON

Title Categories Tags

Script to read multidimensional json array using jquery

function show() {
	// JSON Data
var articles = [
		"projects": {"project": ["NCL","disney"]},
		"projects": {"project": ["financescout24","WCIRB"]},

	// 1. remove all existing rows

	// 2. get each article
	$.each(articles, function (index, article) {
		// 2.2 Create table column for categories
		var td_categories = $("");
		// 2.3 get each category of this article
		$.each(article.categories, function (i, category) {
		var span = $("");
		// 2.4 Create table column for tags
	   var td_tags = $("");
		// 2.5 get each tag of this article		
		$.each(article.projects.project, function (i, project) {

		var span = $("");
		// 2.6 Create a new row and append 3 columns (title+url, categories, tags)

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